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People of all ages discover an appeal in the concept of amusement parks for all ages. Parents and children enjoy the same amount of happiness from spending a day in the theme park. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi distinguishes itself from other well-known theme parks because it is an industry leader. Its Ferrari World is renowned for being the largest attraction that is indoor in all of the planet. It has received numerous honors with a high value that confirm its place among the top worldwide. In the years 2015 and 2016, it was recognized as “The Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction” at the World Travel Awards. In 2017, it was called “The Middle East’s Leading Theme Park”. Get your seatbelts buckled and prepared for anything fast by reading our comprehensive guide to everything you’ll must be aware of an unforgettable night in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi!

Ferrari World

Why Go to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World?

In addition to the obvious reasons that everyone is likely to enjoy a day in a theme park There are plenty of compelling reasons to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be among the most enjoyable choices you’ve taken. Ferrari World is among the most popular places to visit that you can visit in Abu Dhabi, the world’s tourist capital.

A Ferrari Venture

Ferrari World is a display of one of the best and most popular brands in the racing world. It’s a paradise for car enthusiasts or Formula 1 racing enthusiasts.

High-Speed Joyrides

Ferrari World

An insight into the thrill that F1 racing pros feel every day is available through a range of rides featuring Ferrari themes that are designed to blow your mind off in speed. Do not miss the amazing 4.9 seconds needed to achieve a speed of 250 km/h on the world’s most powerful roller coaster! It’s also among the most popular attractions within Abu Dhabi.

Yummy Italian food

You can indulge in mouthwatering food at any of the numerous Italian restaurants.

Genuine Ferrari Products

There are a variety of options to purchase authentic goods at the largest Ferrari store situated inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Daily Events

Everyday there are plenty of thrilling events and activities to participate in, including thrilling live shows, electric race cars, simulators for racing and an abundance of racing memorabilia that is waiting to be discovered.

When is the best time to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World is best visited during summer, in mid-June. It is the best time to explore the park since there are fewer visitors and more employees willing to help you. Because it removes the hassle of waiting in lines to ride this creates a peaceful and enjoyable day for you and your loved ones. You’ll have no problem getting on multiple rides. seats in auditoriums with 4D and tables in restaurants are easy to locate.

The scorching Middle East sun makes it easy to enjoy the thrilling thrills. The operating hours for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi are from 11 am until 8 pm all day long.

Getting to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is well-known for its adventure parks like Clymb, Yas Waterworld, WB World, and the Yas Mall. Ferrari World is among these parks.

It takes a car approximately 16 minutes to get there. Yas Island, where Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located. If you’d like to enjoy more fun along the way and save money it is possible to travel by bus that takes you direct to the facility.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions

Here’s the fun part! Here’s a complete list of the best tourist attractions, activities and eateries which will make your trip worth it.

Take a ride at a speed that is faster than that of an F1 racing car on this rollercoaster, which is believed to be among the top speedy rollercoaster in the world. This ride will propel you to a staggering velocity of up to 240 km/h within 4.9 seconds. It will then knock into you from heights of up to 52 meters and put your stomach to the test. This is not for the faint of the heart, of course!

Flying Aces

Ferrari World

The highest rollercoaster in the world is closely followed by the fastest rollercoaster. Both are under one roof. The ride was inspired by the Count Francesco Baracca, a famous pilot. Flying Aces’ stunning 51-degree slope and 63-meter elevation gain can get anyone’s heart pumping. It can go at speeds as high as 120 km/h playing hoops in the world’s most high rollercoaster at Flying Aces!

Scuderia Challenge

Ferrari World

If you’re looking to get a realistic virtual driving experience, the Yas Marina Circuit is the perfect option. You can race against your friends or set an unbeatable lap record you’d like to break. Be aware that this ride is limited to a limited duration and you need to be at the park earlier to be able to sign up.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Ferrari World

In your personal Ferrari F430 Spider, compete against your fellow players on these tracks that are a replica of authentic GT racetracks. Get ready for thrilling curves and a competitive environment on this extremely precise racetrack. You can reach speeds as high as 95 km/h! Are you equipped with the skills is required to be successful?

It’s impossible to get closer to your dreams of racing than this! It is essential to arrive at the park in the early morning to register for this event that is only a few days long where you will be able to race an electric go-kart on the 290-meter course that the legendary Yas Marina Circuit was a direct inspiration for. This is a fantastic opportunity to try your hand at driving against your family and friends!

Driving Experience

What would you think if you were told about the opportunity to bring your entire family for an excursion across Yas Island in a real Ferrari? That sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? A qualified instructor will provide you with a short instruction in how to operate the most luxurious Ferrari after which you can make it happen yourself with your family members in the back!

This location also provides many recreational activities, such as:

Other Attractions

Speed of Magic

Make sure you buckle up for an amazing trip in the company of Nello, a playful Ferrari driver that will guide you on a journey that will last an entire lifetime! Through the latest technologies for simulation, this 4D wonder will transport you to the dynamic shifts in temperature, humidity and light. The most realistic surroundings allow you to travel through oceans and the highest cliffs.

Fast Lane

This is for Ferrari geeks who want to test their knowledge of the brand through an entertaining form of game. You can win amazing rewards if you are able to prove your skills here against others Ferrari experts! Find out if are the right person to be a winner of this year’s Ferrari Fast Lane Championship, go to the temporary exhibit.

Made in Maranello

An extensive factory tour lets you experience the progress of this stunning machine from its very first days. This was an opportunity which was previously restricted exclusively to Ferrari members only. It is possible to witness the beginning phases of design, through the creation of the of the individual components as well as the final coating of the vehicle.

Tyre Twist

It’s a Ferrari rendition of the classic cup-and-saucer ride can be open to all different ages. The Tyre Twist’s capacity for five passengers for each tyre make it an perfect ride for the whole family to take pleasure in.

Junior Grand Prix

The second component of Ferrari driving school will be an exciting Grand Prix for the kids to take part in. This go-kart-like version for kids racing allows your kids to explore their inner racing driver. Children receive advice from certified instructors after watching an instructional DVD made by Junior Grand Prix.


When you go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the most luxurious experience is a reduced drive-through of tiny replicas of famous Italian attractions. The ride is modeled after an original Ferrari 250 California from the late 1950s. Ride through models of Rome’s Colosseum as well as Amalfi Coast Portofino as well as the Monza racetrack as well as other famous Italian destinations.

Khalil’s Car Wash.

Toddlers can enjoy an area with a theme of racecars where they can play with racecars on pedals, climb the grandstand as well as slide through Khalil’s Car Wash.

Viaggio in Italia

A stunning multi-sensory experience that lets you explore the breathtaking landscape of Ferrari’s home country Italy. With seats modeled after the Ferrari F430, you may virtually ride through Italy’s mountains cities, villages, towns and vineyards with this simulator. The idea was derived from roads that open up for the Mille Miglia race.

Gallerie Ferrari

This interactive exhibit guides visitors through the history of the company and lets you be in close proximity with the vehicles from the first models to the latest. There is a wealth of interesting information as well as new details regarding your favorite Ferraris through the years.

It is likely that you were hungry after the thrilling trip through Ferrari World. Don’t worry, you’ll discover fantastic restaurants serving delicious meals such as Il Podio, Espresso Rosso, Mamma Rosella and more.

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