Electra complex and personality traits

Electra complex it was given by the Sigmund Freud and it is also known as the female version of the Oedipus complex. The age of girl in this stage is between 3 and 6 and the girl become sexually attached  towards her father and become hostile towards her mother. And again the theory was developed by  Carl Jung in 1913. 

The trump is derived from the Greek myth of Electra and her brother or sisters who take the revenge of  their fathers death from from their mother 

According to Freud during psychosexual development of a female young girl child is initially attracted  towards her mother. After development when she come to know about the things that she doesn’t have  a penis then she started making a difference from her mother and be attracted towards her father.  

How does the Electra complex work:- 

According to Sigmund Freud the important part of development process is learning to identify the same  sex parent. During this stage of psychosexual development the libidinal energy is focused on different  arogenous zone of the child’s body. 

If something goes wrong during this stage then fixation at that point of development might occur and  such fixation, Freud believed that often led to anxiety and played a role in neurosis and maladaptive  behaviour in adulthood. 

Fried describe the feminism Oedipus attitude as a complex for a daughter who’s longing her father and  competition with her mother. The daughter possesses the unconscious desire for replacing the mother  with her father at the sexual partner and this will become a leading rival between mother and daughter. 

This Electra complex is take place at the stage of phallic stage of psychosexual development between  the age of three and six. During the phallic stage the girl child spent a lot of time with her father than  her mother she plays with her fathe, fluttering and practicing sexual behaviour without knowing the  concept of sexual. 

Personality traits:- 

Personality traits reflect the people characteristics pattern of thoughts, behaviour and their feeling. A  personality traits are basically Person behaviour while using these traits we can come to know about the  personality of a person when we observe people around us the first things that strike in our mind is how  different people are differ from one another, while some peoples are very talkative and other are very  quiet, some are very attractive and some are like couch potatoes, some are worry a lot of and some are  very calm, when we observe that peoples we usually use these words like talkative, quite, active, anxious, calm, attractive, etc. to describe the person who is around us.  

There are five most common traits, and it is also called as five factor model that is OCEAN : Oppeness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.  

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