Everything You Should Know About Boiler Pressure

Does your boiler pressure gauge provide you with all the information you need regarding boiler pressure? Well, maybe not. It is natural for the pressure in your boiler to rise as it heats and to reduce as it cools. Green and red color-coded indicators often indicate low and high boiler pressure on pressure dials.

On the majority of boilers, including combo boilers and conventional boilers, the pressure gauge is either located on the front of the boiler or behind the control panel. Typically, the pressure gauges on older boilers were located within the pipes. Your manual will serve as a guide.


When there is no heating or hot water, the boiler pressure of the heating system is typically incorrect. The radiators will not heat adequately if the boiler pressure is not in the correct zone.


Some boilers do gradually lose pressure after several months of consistent use. Modern boilers require less maintenance. Typically, only yearly servicing is required. You should be able to determine whether the boiler pressure is correct based on the temperature of the circulating water.

Perhaps once or twice a year, boilers require topping off. However, a quick reduction in pressure indicates a system breach. Dripping water around the boiler’s base is the most evident indicator. Sometimes the pipes may be at fault, thus it is prudent to search for damp spots in addition to the pipework.

Low boiler pressure is not dangerous but will result in the failure of your heating and hot water system. Occasionally, minor leaks develop very gradually, drop by drip, until the system’s pressure is too low to function. Removing air from radiators (also known as bleeding radiators) can cause a rapid drop in boiler pressure, necessitating a pressure top-up. 

Typically, you can repressurize your boiler manually after turning it off. The boiler can only be reactivated once the water pressure has been restored and maintained without any obvious evidence of leakage.


Typically, a needle in the red zone indicating high pressure in the boiler indicates overfilling. A system error could possibly be the source of the issue. There is an issue if your boiler is shutting down or won’t turn on. Contact a Gas Safe technician.The best course of action is early and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

High boiler pressure might result in the development of leaks. Maintaining the proper boiler pressure is both safe and effective for providing hot water and heat. Call a competent Gas Safe heating engineer to inspect your boiler if you have any concerns.

If the boiler pressure is too high, the system will shut down. If your boiler has a pressure relief valve, it is typically not dangerous (PRV). Typically, the boiler pressure valve allows water to escape through a tiny pipe leading to the exterior. When boiler pressure is too high, most systems automatically shut down.

If your boiler’s pressure continues to rise into the red zone, you should have a Gas Safe Engineer analyze the problem and rapidly restore your hot water.

If your boiler requires maintenance or you need a replacement, NG Installs can assist you. Our heating engineers and boiler professionals are located throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom. Call 0203 7735 755 for more information, or fill out our contact form.

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