Things to think about before installing a boiler

Factors to consider before installing a new boiler.

It could be time to replace your boiler if it is older than 10 years. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that heating and hot water use account for around 55% of a home’s energy costs. The good news is that installing a new boiler can reduce your energy costs and raise your level of comfort. There are a few things you should think about before buying a new boiler. Consider the type, brand, and Kw rating of the boiler as well as the family size, number of rooms, bathrooms, and radiators.

Check out the NG INSTALLS comprehensive instructions below, then contact serviceteam if you need further guidance on the selection of a boiler and are unclear of where to begin.

Which kind of boiler is required?

The boiler you need will depend on the energy requirements of your home. (as above). Boilers come in three primary varieties: combi, conventional, and system. Make sure your house has been fully inspected by a heating engineer prior to the installation before scheduling an installation. To make sure the size of the boiler is compatible with your family’s needs, the heating expert will enquire about factors such as family size, consumption requirements, etc.

Commonplace boilers

For people who need quick access to hot water, this sort of boiler is a great option. They are simple to install and reasonably inexpensive. They will have a hot water cylinder and a water storage tank.

platform boiler

System boilers are an excellent way to offer hot water for bathing and heating directly from the cylinder. Because a system boiler does not require a central heating expansion tank, some room can be saved. (not much).

hybrid boiler

The boiler must be installed, which is why the combi boiler is used in the UK. facilitating quick and simple installation. Due to their compact size, they are ideal for smaller homes, apartments, and flats. You have more room to spare because there isn’t a hot water storage cylinder. You won’t have a place to keep hot water, though, if the boiler malfunctions, until it is fixed.

What kind of fuel is used by a boiler?

Different fuel sources can be used in boilers. Natural gas is the most widely used fuel, followed by oil. However, some boilers also have the option of running on coal, wood, or solar power. For instance, some homeowners would like a cheap fuel, whilst others might favor a fuel that is better for the environment.

Let’s not forget that, according to the nonprofit NESTA, the average UK gas boiler produces more CO2 emissions (per year) than seven transatlantic trips. Therefore, using sustainable fuel will help us to lower our carbon impact.

Make sure the boiler is a reputable brand when you conduct a boiler search. The less unexpected breakdowns there are, the more trustworthy the brand. Do your research since we know you want a boiler that will serve you well in the years to come. A nice place to start is WHICH Magazine, and Google reviews are another. Before choosing a boiler brand, do your research. A solid recommendation can come from a family member or acquaintance who has a boiler that has provided them with years of trouble-free service.

Keep in mind that a cheap boiler might not always be the greatest investment. Look into the warranty/guarantee term and the post-purchase assistance. On some models of their boilers, a respectable boiler manufacturer may provide a guarantee of up to 7–10 years. (subject to conditions).

How big of a boiler is required?

A licensed heating engineer will provide you advice. The number of bathrooms, radiators, and family size will all be taken into account. Not ideal if a boiler’s Kw rating is insufficient to meet the needs of the family and you run out of hot water as everyone is getting ready for work or school.

On demand hot water?

A combi boiler is the solution if you want hot water on demand, or the instant you switch on the hot water tap. Additionally, you won’t waste water waiting for it to warm up if your water supply is metered, unlike with a system or conventional boiler.

In general, combi boilers can effectively manage lower consumption rates, whereas conventional boilers are better suited for large family demand.

How much room is there?

No room for a tank in the loft or in the airing cupboard? A combi boiler would therefore be the solution! Since they don’t need storage tanks or hot water cylinders (in the loft), there will likely be more room for storage or even a loft conversion.

Where do you want the new boiler installed?

Under the stairs, in the utility room, in the kitchen, outside in the garage? If the new boiler is to be moved, more pipes, fittings, etc., as well as making sure there is enough ventilation to an exterior wall, will be needed.

Our heating professional will provide you advice if you’re unsure about whether the new boiler can be moved.

What is the price of installing a new boiler?

The size of the Kw boiler, its location, and any additional equipment needed, such as a Magnaclean, isolation valves, powerflush, etc., all affect the cost of installation. The cost of the unit increases with the boiler’s Kw rating.

It can cost between £2,000 and £3,000 to replace an old boiler with a modern model in a simple like-for-like swap. It will cost more if a boiler upgrade is necessary to increase the Kw rating.

Ensure that the boiler has a warranty.

Although the boiler is a high-end investment, it is crucial to find out how long the warranty will last before making a purchase. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should find out if your new boiler includes parts and labor as well as what is not covered by the warranty.

Pick a service provider who has the appropriate certifications.

When planning to install a new gas boiler, you must work with a bona fide business that is Gas Safe certified, has the necessary certification, and is insured.

Worcester Bosch Silver accredited installation Serviceteam is situated in Greater London and provides service there as well. All throughout the year, especially on holidays, we provide 24-hour emergency plumbing coverage.

We are devoted to provide you the highest quality service. If you need a routine installation or have an emergency, call serviceteam at any time!

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