Ski Dubai: Experience the Thrill of Snow in the Desert Oasis

Imagine leaving the heat of the city behind and flying to one of the snowiest places on earth. Enjoying all those winter activities while taking in breathtaking views from above the snow-capped peaks, donning on mufflers, boots and warm clothes for days in the end. Perhaps skiing down slopes or snowboarding on freshly fallen powder will be your ultimate thrill? By Visiting Ski Dubai.

Ski Dubai: The Ultimate Indoor Ski Experience in the Middle East

Snowboarding at ski-dubai

But is there somewhere you can enjoy tanning on sun-warmed beaches and skiing at the same time?

Dubai, with its expansive dunes, endless skyscrapers and warm beaches, truly offers the best of both worlds.

Dubai, with its extravagant restaurants such as Burj Khalifa or beaches on the Persian Gulf, exudes energy like no other city can.

Dubai, often considered the “Hong Kong of the Gulf”, boasts a modernized vibe with big cars and buildings that give off an air of grandeur. Yet that doesn’t take away from its warm, old-world charm that still pervades throughout.

Dubai and its desert heat draw thousands of tourists each month. It is said that certain places in the world possess iconic views, and Dubai certainly does.

Dubai is the ultimate jet-set holiday destination, offering visitors an abundance of activities and attractions to discover. Take a leisurely walk along Jumeirah beach to take in all that Dubai has to offer or simply take in its stunning Persian Gulf scenery as you take a leisurely stroll.

Dubai is known for more than just its desert and scorching summer heat – like Burj Kalifa, ultra-fast cars, nightlife, dune bashing, Al Fahid fort and desert safari, Atlantis water park in Dubai Marina Global Village souks for those with an eye for shopping, Ain Dubai Opera house, ultra-luxe palm Jumeirah with aquariums and indoor ski slopes are just a few of Dubai’s attractions.

Yes, skiing is possible in Dubai! And no, we aren’t talking about sand skiing here in the middle of the Arabian Desert!

Dubai is a magical place, where all kinds of amazing things take place – including snow skiing!

Dubai has created a winter wonderland for its tourists despite the absence of hills and rarely falling snow in the region.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai, situated within Dubai Mall of Emirates, is the world’s third-largest indoor skiing resort.

Skiing in Dubai, despite its artificially constructed ski range, is one of the top activities that both tourists and residents of Dubai enjoy.

Imagine leaving Dubai’s scorching weather outside and entering into a snow-covered Dubai Snow Park! As that cold wind pushes its way onto your sun-warmed face, and you feel its alien crunch underfoot – much to the amusement of shoppers wearing shorts and sandals in the mall.

Dubai offers visitors a myriad of experiences. One such option is skiing in the afternoon and then hitting the beaches or swimming in the Persian waters for the remainder of the day.

Features of Ski Dubai

While it may be hot outside with tourists soaking up the rays on Jumeirah beaches, Ski Dubai snow park keeps its slopes at an ideal temperature all year long – perfect for sliding down its slopes!

Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates is an indoor ski park featuring an 85 meter high mountain that covers 22,500 square meters of space, along with four person chair lift, two T-bars for accessing slopes within the ski hall and a magical carpet for children and beginners.

Dubai offers five slopes of varying steepness and difficulty, including a 400-meter long run and the world’s first indoor black diamond piste – considered to be the toughest ungroomed slope and ideal for professionals seeking an intense challenge.

Ski Dubai offers an array of activities from sledding and tobogganing, zip lining down the snow bullet and mountain climbing, to sliding down a 128 meters long ice slide and exploring ice caves. Whatever your adrenaline-junkie desires may be – Ski Dubai has something to satisfy them all.

The indoor snow park offers respite from the scorching city with its slopes, mountain, skating rinks, cafes and display area featuring exotic penguins in their natural habitat.

Ski Dubai continues to amaze with their penguin encounter – an unmissable attraction!

Tourists can get up close and personal with penguins, providing children with an unforgettable experience. Additionally, professionals provide information about Penguin species.

Ski Dubai Penguin Show strives to educate about the ecology of Penguin colonies as well as provide an intimate look into penguin life.

Ski School

No matter if you are an experienced skier or just starting out, Ski Dubai Mall’s experienced instructors can help develop your abilities on beginner slopes while providing an enthralling experience.

Whatever level of experience you possess, Ski Academy has lessons tailored towards you. From basic discovery courses through beginner courses and advanced level sessions, there is a selection of services to meet all needs – such as personalized training and camps that you can attend with family and friends.

Ski-School at ski Dubai


Skiing in Dubai is an enjoyable way to pass time.

Ski Dubai is open Monday through Sunday; however, there may be occasional reschedules so it’s best to check the website for confirmation of timings.


The cost of your Ski Dubai tickets varies based on which activities you select.

Ski Dubai visits typically last one to two hours, unless you are staying for the penguin show or have purchased a premium full-day pass that grants unlimited access to all park activities.

A two-hour non-stop indoor snowboarding and skiing pass for AED 220 includes slope access for experienced skiers equipped with safety equipment.

For just AED 320, experienced skiers and snowboarders can enjoy full-day slope access!

For just AED195, you and your family or friends can experience all the thrilling snow park activities together – such as Zorb balling, tubing, wall climbing, bumper cars and sliding hills!

At an additional cost, you can enjoy the latest movies and Christmas classics with your family at our in-house snow cinema. Watch blockbusters on the big screen while enjoying snacks, beverages, soft blankets, and wireless headphones tuned to provide the ultimate movie lounge experience.


Skiing in Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist activities. And for good reason – going from desert heat to skis in Dubai can be an awe-inspiring experience that tourists love returning to time after time.

No trip to Dubai would be complete without sliding down Ski Dubai’s artificial snow slopes, complete with activities and penguin displays.

Finally, to cap off an unforgettable day, take a chairlift ride uphill to Avalanche cafe for some warm chocolate and an incredible view.

Skiing and other winter activities in Dubai’s desert-covered city are only the start. Dubai also offers many other exciting adventures that you can customize according to your interests by exploring any of our carefully curated Dubai tour packages available on our website.

No matter how stunning and futuristic a city may appear, there’s likely somewhere within it Aladdin’s lamp will still remain hidden.

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