Importance of Social Intelligence for College Students

Social intelligence refers to the ability of the individual to form, understand and maintain interpersonal relationships. It involves forming relationships using empathy and assertiveness. 

It is different from IQ or “book smarts”. It is the ability of the person to understand, act on the feeling’s thoughts and behaviours of others. This type of intelligence usually takes place in face-to-face conversations but also occurs when thinking about another person deliberately. 

Social intelligence is a result of self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Social intelligence is mostly learned and is not a result of genetics. Most commonly referred to as Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to handle and maintain one’s emotions alongside maintain positive social relationships empathetically. Self-Awareness refers to the ability to understand and perceive the things that make the human what he/she is and unique to the society. 

Emotional Intelligence and social intelligence go hand in hand. 

The abilities for social intelligence are as follows

  1. Verbal and Non-verbal:  Verbal and non-verbal expressions are the most common for displaying social intelligence. Using the appropriate words, ideal tone and clear information alongside upright posture with undivided attention. 
  2. Knowledge of social rules and roles: Knowing social rules, customs and norms while interacting with a set of people be it informal or formal, is the best way to leave a positive impression on the people as a person who has a is socially intelligent. 
  3. Listening Skills: Active listening is an important part of social intelligence. Helps in connecting to other people, preventing conflicts and provides personal growth. 

Importance of Social Intelligence:

Social intelligence helps to build relationships.  A person can develop better social relationships if he/ she is socially intelligent and can alter his behaviour according to the situation. 

Social intelligence for education and college students: 

As seen above, social intelligence is the managements of emotions and self-awareness to improve social interactions and adapting unique intellectual tasks. Social intelligence helps the individual develop healthy coexistence with other people. Socially intelligent people behave tactfully and prosper in life and help in tackling various life tasks. 

Improving social intelligence

Paying close attention to the people and social situations:  Paying close attention to your environment and be present in the moment to connect to people and understand their way of processing information.

Following more physical and emotional cues: Paying attention to ones physical and emotional cues make the individual be aware and mindful of things. Why did I feel overwhelmed here or why m I anxious.

Appreciating people: Appreciating others makes the individual feel more thankful. Feeling gratitude makes the individual focus on more present lives of the individual.  

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