Becoming Flawesome Book Review: Learn About Self-Love


Are you a book lover? Do you look for a book that changes your perspective towards happy life? Well! It is worth spending on Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani’s Becoming Flawesome. This book is indeed a key to living an imperfectly authentic life. Although the book is available in all major bookstore, if you pre-order the book you will receive special bonuses.

The book’s author, Kristina, is a philanthropist, a mother of two children and a co-founder of Mindvalley – a leading publisher in the personal growth industry, she dedicated the last 20 years of her career to the world of personal growth. She covers many vital things you would never find in the book about self-discovery. While searching for the diamond, we often forget about the precious pearls inherent inside us.

If your ultimate life goal is happiness and inner peace, then you should learn self-love and self-acceptance. This book conveys all those things needed to live a fulfilled life.

Flawesome – A path to a great transformation”

Flawesome is the combination of two powerful words “flaw and “awesome”. It indicates the meaning of embracing your flaws and imperfections. One who learns to accept their flaws will achieve all the precious things in their life – happiness, inner peace, satisfaction, healthy relationship, and wealth.

According to the author, perfection can hinder your self-evolution. So, do not engage with the societal-imposed standards. Likewise, never compare yourself and change certain things in you to impress others. Once you know your flaws are not an issue and accept your imperfection, you will easily achieve your goal. Additionally, embracing your flaws will allow you to improve and grow.

Strategies to embrace flaws without much effort

Are you wondering how to embrace your imperfections and flaws? Well! Instead of searching for the right solution, follow Kristina’s advice on #BecomingFlawesome.

She encourages the readers to let go of perfectionism because it kills happiness and satisfaction. Instead of validating yourself, focus more on your inner worth and self-compassion.

Becoming a perfectionist is not as easy as you think because it brings fears and doubts. Kristina knows these things very well; thus, she shares tips to overcome self-doubt and fear.

She also shares the intricacies of self-love and self-care to help people understand these concepts deeper and live authentically.

Finally, she gives a perfect picture of living in imperfection and celebrating life in every minute. The author writes the whole book based on her own experiences, and thus, you can rely on the proven strategies to have a happy life.

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